The Story

When I was 23 years old I was diagnosed with testicular cancer, which was a very challenging period in my life. During that difficult period I had fantastic support from my friends and family. My cousins, Craig and Andrew Hall, inspired me to think about travelling the world when I got better and this gave me the motivation to get well and….. guess what? I did make a full recovery so I spent the next two years travelling. During the trip Craig joined me to travel around Asia and Australia and this was one of the most rewarding periods of my life – travelling with someone who I had always looked up too as a kid and who had inspired me to get well. Craig loved Australia so much that he was determined to live there in the future.


Many years later, when he got married and had two beautiful children, he achieved his dreams and moved to Oz. Unfortunately after only a few months, he too was diagnosed with cancer and had to return home to England. Sadly he passed away and left a massive hole in our hearts. Following his death, along with his close friends, we created the CRAIG HALL CANCER FOUNDATION for whom we hold regular charity events to support cancer care the South Yorkshire region. So far, we’re proud to say that raised we have raised £18,000 in Craig’s memory.

So far, we’re proud to say that raised we have raised £18,000 in Craig’s memory!

Following the success of the 1st Steel City Cycle Challenge last year involving football rivals Dane Whitehouse & Jon Newsome ex players from Sheffield United & Wednesday. We raised over £15k for Weston Park Hospital in honour of the Craig Hall Memorial Fund.

This years challenge involves an old school themed ‘Club Trip’ to the seaside !! Jon & Dane will lead a team of 11 cyclists each from Sheffield to Cleethorpes. (72 miles)The cyclists will be rewarded with pop & spice for the journey & 50p in 2p coins at the finishing line to spend in the slots. We aim to raise collectively £10000. Your donations would be really appreciated by us & the wonderful staff at Weston Park Hospital.

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